Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In my defense

Really, it's not like I collect personal information about people coming to the blog. The only cookies I embrace are of the type mentioned by Two Shews. In truth, I wouldn't know how to collect personal information or how to sell it. (although the corporations have been clamoring for a while to get at the massive traffic on my blog. i promise. sort of.)

It is amusing to see what search categories land people here. Key phrases from different posts all get mashed together and suddenly google says I'm a match for someone looking for "dyke bumps with fruit vomit."

So with a curious spirit I noted that someone searched for the famous Somossa Rivolta and landed here. Sure she was googling herself (thank the goddess i'm not narcissistic like that) I checked to see if it was from her town. No. . . .?

Let the mystery begin.

It does feel a bit rude to call someone out on the blog. Really, if you know somossa, you know she's pushy like that. She made me do it.

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