Monday, August 13, 2007

Since you're here

Given the high rate of people stumbling onto my blog looking for lychee it seemed a shame not to have the info they crave.

If any fruit eludes to it's reproductive role, it is the clever lychee.
It embodies a paradox for each of us: a joyous interior hidden under a rough exterior. A presentation of self designed to test you with an outside public finds distasteful: sometimes bumpy. Sometimes hairy. All manner of colors. A skin that seems unyielding.
Quite like an egg hidden inside. or a jewel. or an orb. a very private sweet spot.
It is the kind of food you would eat only if you already know its mystery.
Once you're inside you will find a light clean taste that makes you feel like you are tasting a secret.


Anonymous said...

Wow metaphor much? :) I haven't ever had this particular fruit but I think I have tasted its sweet secret. yummy.

Anonymous said...

i don't trust way, no how. this reference is coming from the same person who told me, oh so convincingly that kumquats were like a burst of sunshine in your mouth. was a burst of bitter, badness...very, very, very awful, badness.

i think more than one person has my back on this one...but don't take my disbelief as a lack of appreciation for an original (READ: non-rerun) post.

Anonymous said...

you should read her poem about the persimmon