Friday, April 9, 2010

Girl Knows

When we pick Scully up on campus we have a little ritual. Scully comes out of the building and I get Khubz out of the car. I plop her on the sidewalk and she runs at full galloping speed towards Scully who, naturally, picks her up and spins her around. Thumper watches it all while still hermetically sealed in his carseat and dreams of the future.

We do this about once a week.

Last week we went to pick Scully up. She had just come out of the building along with a crush of people. Khubz hits the pavement and gears up her run. About three feet from Scully is another woman. This woman is white. With long brown hair. Tall. Wearing bright red glasses.

And Khubz ran right for her calling out "Mama!"


Because this woman is a dyke. Not only did she look like a dyke but Scully knows her and she is, in fact, a dyke.

And Khubz surveyed the crowd, saw a dyke and ran towards her.

Three year old with gaydar=priceless.