Thursday, August 16, 2007

Did I tell you?

About last night's vomit?

I hadn't pumped all day long and so Khubz got high-pressure milk when she nursed. A LOT of it. Luckily, she wasn't very hunger for her dinner of pureed peas and oatmeal. This is good because instead of an after-dinner mint she picked up something (ball of lint? one of my long hairs? a stray thread?) that got caught half-way down her throat.

Her survival skills are strong. (Hamidillah)

The projectile vomit hit me, the couch, the carpet and only slightly got on her shirt. She was momentarily stunned. I was more than momentarily stunned. Scully was momentarily entertained until she remembered that some co-workers were expected anytime now and our living room now reeked of vomit, half-digested breast milk and peas.

Khubz, satisfied that the something she had half-swallowed and regurgitated was certainly not the something she was currently picking up and lifting to her mouth, continued her search for dangerous objects left on the floor by her slacker moms.

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Anonymous said...

Now someone forgot to mention that she threw up on fruitfemme's bare feet. Ah the squishy sensation of peas and breastmilk on bare toes is quite exhilirating!