Monday, August 13, 2007

The company you keep

Well have you checked how people get to your blog?

As you read the list below please stay connected to the knowledge that this is funny because of the context. Or should I say, the missing context. Or should I say, the collision of one topic and another minus either's context.

  • Uvula fetish (again)
  • Ableism/women & disablism
  • Paris Hilton child fuck
  • Girl poops in basket
  • Leche fruit (I think they meant to search for lychee fruit)
  • Fruit of jesus
  • She goes boom boom boom
  • Bartertown
  • Flashback story
  • bumps on scalp
  • bumps on uvula
  • stimulate my nipples
  • infant rolled off bed
  • hijab baby

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow...i can't believe, "Shameless Re-Runs" wasn't on that list!!!

You haven't lived until you (complained enough about the re-runs that you) got a 2.5 hour live "Fruit Basket" blog in a carpool!!!