Thursday, August 23, 2007

How Khubz Savvy Are You?

Don't be scared. There are some trick questions!

  1. Khubz reliably points at a _______ when you say it in Spanish

  2. Lesbian




  3. The word "khubz" means

  4. Foot in Spanish

    Foot in Arabic

    Bread in Spanish

    Bread in Arabic

  5. Who is Khubz's "real mother"?

  6. Scully


    The Goddess

    What kind of question is that, you asshole--don't you read the blog?

  7. When I labored with Khubz

  8. It lasted 52 hours

    It happened 7 days early

    I was 10 minutes away from a C-Section

    All of the above

  9. Khubz' full, real name has ____ syllables in it

  10. 198




  11. Before Khubz was born she was known as

  12. Queerspawn


    Mayor of Wombville


  13. How many states has Khubz traveled to?

  14. 8

    9 (Texas counts twice!)



  15. Which of the following have we not read out loud to Khubz?

  16. Instructions for lowering her crib

    Personal Penguin


    The Well of Loneliness

  17. Khubz will drop everything for

  18. Leche

    The itsy bitsy spider

    A tasty tortuga

    All of the above

  19. Khubz's favorite food is

  20. Cheerios



    Whatever the Mommies are eating (often one of the above)

Good for you! You finished the quiz!


Two Shews said...

Woot! I scored a 40 out of 50 the first time. A 50 out of 50 the second time, because I believe that tests should be a learning instrument not a vehicle for low self worth, and so I learned which language pie was. I should get extra credit for the syllable one, though.

The Fledgling Lesbian said...

40 out of 50. There were some hard ones in the mix, but it was one of the most fun quizzes I have ever taken. I love the subject!

J said...

Yeehaw! I'll definitely prepare some baked goods for you both once it cools off enough to bake, that is.