Thursday, September 6, 2007


a. what i was really hoping I wouldn't be this time last year
b. the status of my library book "1001 muffins you want to try"
c. used in a sentence: this blog post is seriously _________.

Okay, it's all of the above.

There's a lot to catch up on (on & off the blog) so this will be an unsatisfactory post for those who must know all the intimate details of my every waking moment.

Speaking of unsatisfactory posts: there is some resolution for anyone in need after the last couple of weirdo posts. Anyway.

We had a blast in texas. Khubz's first ever birthday cake. And there was cake. Serious, serious cake. Cake in the hair. Cake in the eyes. Cake somehow wound up in her nether regions. I think it was just a full-bodied "let's roll around in cake and absorb it's sugary goodness through ever pore on my body" kind of celebration of cake. And who am i to argue? Think I haven't rolled around in cake like that (lately?) And don't get me started about magic shell!

There were also games. Musical chairs. A tortilla toss (complete with a hormonal horse coercing you to throw the tortillas her way.) Popping balloons with one's butt. A steel-reinforced pinata. Serious, serious games.

About halfway through the fun I looked around and thought, "they must have been working on this for weeks!" and then o shit! Khubz's birthday party (that we are hosting here) is coming up on Saturday and Scully and I have. . . . done nothing.

Almost nothing. We did make the invites. The conveniently un-mailable due to the pompom invites. Apparently everyone in Iowa was a bit peeved thinking I had made them but decided to just skip them so we didn't have to make as many. No, we are waay more classy. The people we ran in to over the week got their invites. Everyone else? An apologetic phone call. "So we made these invitations but the trick is you have to come to the party in order to get it!" Oh well. People will forgive us as long as there are good games.

o shit! games! games require preparation! And games for 20-30 kids aged 9 mo-12years requires preparation and finesse. I'm not actually worried about that many kids showing up but remember one sister alone is bringing 5 kiddos.

It is true that all of this winds up being a convenient excuse for not posting, but in this case it's actually true. Add to that Khubz is sick with another ear infection and I have all the excuse I need. (Excuses coming out my ears, if you'll pardon the pun.)

With that said, it's time to go try out one more muffin recipe before returning that book.


Two Shews said...

Three things:
1. So glad the travels were successful.
2. Happy to help with the party, if you want, but also all we care about is watching Khubz with that cake.
3. Magic Shell. Mmmmmmmm.

The Fledgling Lesbian said...

I have been practicing my Itsy Bitsy Spider. I think Khubz will be duly impressed. What an amazing year it has been with her in the world!

Anonymous said...

Um....did you just say the word, "kiddos"?!?




you only get away with using that word because you've mentioned the wee one in the same post.