Thursday, September 13, 2007

Almost midnight

It is almost midnight. Why am I up?

  • Is the girl up, puking her guts out or constantly chewing on you for comfort? no.

  • Are you madly trying to finish something and had to take a break and am now procrastinating? no.

  • Are you out of laundry and desperately waiting for the "low-heat cycle" to actually dry your clothes? no.

  • Did you and your partner get into another endless "the lesbians are talking themselves to death" conversation and you couldn't fall asleep because you were filled with conflict? yes to the first part. no to the second.

  • Are you staying up all night because it's now Ramadhan and you want to eat everything you can before the sun comes up? Uh. . . yes, it is Ramadhan but no I'm not on an all night binge if that's what you mean. Thanks for the idea, though.

  • Are you staying up all night because you have a constant cough and the only things you have in the house are all labeled with warnings that "good mothers certainly wouldn't take anything with this active ingredient while they were nursing." Sort of. Okay, yes.

Truth be told I even called a pharmacist to plead with him. Plleeease, can I take this? Pleeease? "Sure" he reassured me. "As long as you don't care what happens to your kid." What does he know? I'm calling my dr in the morning.

Really, though, this isn't even the post I wanted to write. The post I wanted to write was more like "Discoveries!"

  • Khubz loves to feed herself. Her top eateries include spiral noodles, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, watermelon, cake (ha ha), green beans, pinto beans, black beans and peas.
  • Khubz made her first attempt at escape. I was cooking, Scully was putting dishes away. We looked down and the girl had just crawled out onto the deck. The sliding glass door was open and Khubz made quick work of opening the screen door. (I guess that's why screen doors have "locks" on them.) "The human child is getting away," I mention to Scully. "We have to worry about her sneaking out already?" Scully replies. All this while Khubz headed for the hills.

and it is that same human child who has now woken up and is asking for milk. when did i say i was going to wean her? hm.

ramadhan mubarak.

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