Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I am (mostly) alive

Well another fun filled trip to iowa. This one included nasty, nasty stomach-virus that not only did I catch but shared with Joe as well. Lucky, lucky her. She was also hung-over. That meant that my parents, my brother, his wife and my sister all ran around after our two not-sick (hamdillah) very active one year olds. Joe and I remained passed out on the couch for most of Monday. Sunday was spent heaving or on the couch. We can't even talk about saturday.

So don't expect much from me this week.

Here comes the "over-share" so you don't miss me over the next couple days.
Joe: I'm nauseous, I'm vomiting , I'm hung-over, I have a sore throat, I'm sore from heaving, I have a yeast infection and I've got my period.
Me: Well, I'm 5 for 7.

I'll leave it to you to deduce which.

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