Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In fact, Day 3 is harder

So Day 1 at new daycare was pretty good and they said, "usually day 2 is harder"

Day 2 was whining, some crying, plenty of clingy-ness.

Day 3 is shrieking. Like, as Scully was leaving she could hear Khubz's wailing all through the building. It started as soon as Scully put her down. There were toys all around. Friendly people. Oh no. Khubz knows this trick and it's not working anymore.

The child clawed at her mama. Tears streaming down her face. Red puffy eyes and the high pitched scream that is both "how dare you leave me!" and "why would you leave me?"

I am such a coward. I am so relieved I don't do drop off.

Sorry, Scully.

My fngG. How hideous.

I'm restricting myself to one call a day and she's been there less than an hour so I'm going to wait. Maybe I can call at 9?


Anonymous said...

you have to understand that it went like this,
1.puff, puff
2. deep breath
3. wahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
4. tears rolling down face
Repeat 5 times


J said...

Okay, I made the check-in call and she's doing better. A bit subdued. But better.

Two Shews said...

You are wonderful mommies. Insert platitudes about how it will all get better here-- you don't believe those platitudes, but it really, really will.

Annie cried so hard the third day she hyperventilated and almost passed out.

I am sorry you are going through this, I know it is hard.

Radley said...

I dropped off Pippi this morning. She was sobbing and clutching my leg. I felt horrible leaving her. I can't imagine going through that on a daily basis.
I do know when her mom takes her she is usually excited to go. Think it will just take time. I know this is no help right now.

I agree you are wonderful mommies!

J said...

Day 4: Scully's drop off report was that drop off sucked but she seemed to recover a bit more quickly today than she did yesterday. thanks for the support.