Friday, September 28, 2007

It goes something like this:

Hack, Hack, Cough, HACK

Then the chorus from upstairs


Back downstairs

Sigh, Shudder, Hack, Hack, Cough

Back upstairs

WAIL!!!!!!!!!!! Cough, Cough, Cough

(whispered) please go to sleep little girl
(booming & reverberating) Hack, Hack, COUGH!



And I'm actually thankful for this pattern, dear reader, because it was preceded by three good strong rounds of vomit. From the girl. Right after tylenol and trimenic strip. Remember those good ol' days of "spit up." They are long gone.

I can only be grateful that the child had the forethought to refuse to eat any of her dinner earlier in the evening. I'm not sure I'd have ever been able to face kiwi fruit again.

I am tired. I am so, so tired.

Feel sorry for me?


Anonymous said...

Dear lord I do feel sorry for you and I dare say for everyone in your house! Let us know if you all need anything this weekend.
Feel better!

Anonymous said...

I confess i was at a soccer game watching LA Galaxy with no Beckham!
I feel terrible.
Scully : (

Two Shews said...

Oh, crap. I was so hoping she wouldn't get the ickiness. We are thinking of you and wishing you non-mucous-filled thoughts.

f.l. said...

I am only a phone call away. I can pick up a hazmat suit on the way over. :) Hope everyone starts feeling better soon.