Monday, June 4, 2007

why i suck

First I need to say, that if you want to read the most wonderful, give a womyn shivers & make her cry post. Read this. If you're looking for a "I missed queer family blog out day" randomness, read on. But really. Really. Promise me you'll read this.

Well, blogging for lgbtq families day came & went and what was i doing with my queer family? not blogging. Truth be told, my queer family was not even all together (although I was with my iowa family and that is a queer lot indeed.) As I am in iowa with the girl child while mama is at home working on the garden.

So here are some random stories from the queer family vault:

  • "You have to have both biological parents present when applying for a passport for a minor" There is only one biological parent. "There's only one biological parent?" There's only one biological parent. "There's only one biological parent." This little dialogue took place in tx while my daughter and both of her parents were applying for passports. the clerk, god love her, at least have the good sense to only repeat what i said instead of verbalizing what was in her head. We successfully completed our passport applications, by the way.
  • "So, has Scully been able to. . . you know. . .do any bonding with the baby?" This dumb question was presented my first week back at work. Um, yeah. Maybe because Scully is Khubz's mother. Have you been able to do any bonding with your baby? Or has your homophobia interfered with that?
  • "I guess I can tell you both this now that you're officially discharged from the hospital. I think it's really great when same-sex couples have kids. It's been really wonderful working with you both. You certainly were the favorite family on the maternity ward." It's true that I'm always approval seeking, this was particularly true as we took our brand new-never-yet-been-in-the-sunshine baby out of the hospital. We were her favorite! This lovely nurse helped me into the truck. I love nurses!
  • "Tito, go give this cup to your Tia Fruitfemme (insert real name here)" In this latest trip to tx I was referred to as Tia to Scully's nephew. Even more significantly, this was said by Abu Scully. No shit. Very good day. And I think having Khubz has not only given us legitimacy as a family, but also has legitimized Scully & I as a couple. We're no longer reckless feminists living a decadent lesbian lifestyle in the great metropolis where we live. We're mommies. We lose sleep. We get puked on. We're real people now. Of course, this is rife with problematic elements. This mommie=real woman=human. I'm not oblivious.
  • "I love to hear you say that: 'my daughter.'" This was a magical statement said by a friend about my magical statement about my magical connection with Khubz. She is magical.
  • Ordered way-too-expensive "I love my mommies" shirt for Khubz. First time she wears it she pukes up on it & on this mommie. The mommies clean up the vomit & the girl. Shirt gets thrown into the wash with some darker shirts and gets dingy, faded and tinged all at ones. It is also stained. Hardworking bebe girl. Hardworking shirt. Hardworking mommies. So I guess family is a verb also and queerly.
So, sorry I missed the queer family blog day. There's been a lot going on here but I should get some sleep since Khubz is snoozing peacefully and we'll be getting in the car early, early to get back home.

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