Wednesday, June 6, 2007



Lots to catch up on. Let's start with my friend Dory. You know her. Teal colored, foreigner, old girl, been around the block and most of the midwest as well. Does not enjoy swimming at all. She's just a bit late in telling me.

Khubz & I came back from iowa on monday. We drove up to iowa (and back down) with my "check engine" light on. (scoff) Takes more than that to scare me off a trip with my only offspring in pouring rain. We got back fine but did make one emergency call to Scully. I asked her to raise the getting to our home/land security alert level to orange because several other alert lights were flickering--namely the emergency brake light (no, I did not have the brake on as we were coasting at 80 mph) and another light which currently escapes me (you can see i was very alarmed) That's fine. Coming back from work the lights stayed on permanently. Bring it on! (uh, okay)

Before I continue, you should know that Scully has become something of a tyrant with her "gentle suggestions" like, let's take turns putting Khubz to bed so the other mommy can go to the gym while she's going to sleep? Grrrr. . . . I finally decided that arguing with Scully was ultimately less energy-consuming than actually going to the gym. So I did. (yea me!)

On the way back I realize that the instrument panel in Dory is dimming. Um, and so are my headlights. Oh, and the power locks stop working but begin making a whirring sound. I have already forsaken the windows for fear that they may roll down and refuse to roll back up. So my headlights are going out and this is quite clear because I can see from the car behind me that my shadow is greater than my headlights.

This is what hazards are for, right? Only if they work! They work sporadically as well. This is where i draw the line. We're taking Dory to our awesome mechanic tomorrow night and my lovely friend is taking me to work tomorrow day so I don't have to risk her on the interstate. And either our mechanic will again work miracles or else we are taking dory to the morgue.

All because we crave another massive monthly payment. We crave it.

There's actually a lot going on in life, none of which I'll post here now (that would be substantive) Instead, time to get my list posted.

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