Friday, June 8, 2007

Fruitfemme by the Numbers

It looks like Dory will live.

I saw it was our mechanic on the caller id & I answered it by asking for the bad news. Not all bad, it seems. An alternator. Uh, okay. $300. Great! I said. And I'm thrilled we don't need to buy a new car because some other numbers are hanging out there.

  • $2000.oo to my dentist because sedation, while glorious, is costly. There's more good news to come, too, as I have to go see an endodontist because a root canal I had four years ago wasn't painful enough.
  • $500.oo to expedite our passports after the titillating conversation with the clerks about ownership over khubz
  • $300.oo in an adjustment for our escrow on our house
  • $600.oo for our AC because the cheaper $100 fix poisons the earth (even more) that Khubz will have to live with.

It's been a pricey month.

Since my last top 10 list was met with some dissatisfaction, let me try again:

  1. I am currently fighting off Panic At the Disco whose song Build God Then We'll Talk is running endlessly through my head
  2. I had to google "whose" to make sure I was using the correct spelling.
  3. I am feeling dissatisfied about the ending to the Forsyte Saga. It was horrible. And I take no comfort in all of the change, in the passionate love that was lived and I kept thinking, what would I write about this? What symbol? Family? Money? Touch, maybe. Unfortunately, there's redemption for Soames in the end. Even as I write this I know my mother would not want me to wish for such simplicity as a thoroughly evil Soames. But I do. I hated the ending. And what about June? I sort of thought she was a much more interesting character than Irene. I could vomit on Jon for leaving his mother right after his father died and his foolishness with Fluer whose name I hate. And what about Young Jolyn naming his second son Jolyn right after learning that his other son Jolly/Jolyn had died in more foolishness? And what was the Boer war anyway??
  4. I have slept most of the day, getting the sedation out of my system with copious amounts of water and plenty of icecream.
  5. I did try to reread 1984 but it was so dark and I'm having a hard time warding off sadness, lately, strange as that sounds from someone whose (used correctly, thank you) gratitude is endless for having Khubz
  6. (reflecting on #5) I have a hard time expressing any emotion other than happiness for fear that the universe will think I am ungrateful. I am not ungrateful. I love my daughter and my partner. I am happy every day to wake up with them. I am still sometimes very sad and sometimes quite lonely. I am grateful, though, very, very grateful.
  7. I like this blog better when it is frivolous so you'll all have to be satisfied with a list of 7.


Two Shews said...

Did you read the article that passports are not necessary to Mexico and Canada until they have cleared the backlog, and that all you have to prove is that you have applied for a passport? It's at this link:

Erica said...

Great work.