Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Fruitfemme Index

-barriers to completing my spanish alphabet blog-post sequence: 1
-number of words in spanish that start with the letter ñ: 0

-number of mosquito bites on me from taking an evening walk with Khubz & le mama: 16
- bites that have turned into welts the size of grapefruit: 3
-number of times Scully has suggested said bites may actually be chiggers: 1

-degrees, in Fahrenheit, that my hotel room in hays remained at because the air conditioning in the entire building was out: 87
-number of co-trainers in the same hotel on the same trip who had cool, crispy & well-functioning air conditioning in their rooms: 2

-number of times my car has been back to the mechanic this week for the same problem: 3
-cost, in dollars, we are incurring for the use of a rental: $261
-original cost for the repairs: $289
-cash value of the actual car (when it's working): $1500.oo
-length of time Scully was trapped in the car waiting for the tow truck after leaving the mechanic for the second time: 90 minutes
-heat index on that day: 92 degrees
-number of car thieves jumped at the opportunity upon seeing Scully put the key in the ignition and left the car in the street rather than continue to wait for the tow truck: 0

-number of times Khubz has rejected my latest babyfood adventure of pureed swiss chard: 4
-number of days the pureed figs have been in the freezer but still won't freeze up because they have too much natural sugar and not enough water blended in: 5
-number of times Scully has grimaced at the very idea of a pureed swiss chard and fig paste combo with it's mixed texture of fig seeds, sugary paste, slightly bitter chopped greens and periodic stringy stalks: 147
-number of "Gerber baby pinwheels" Khubz can chow down in a single sitting: 4
-number of creepy, mysterious ingredients in beloved pinwheels that ummKhubz couldn't spell or pronounce: 8
-number of times Khubz has tasted carne: 1
-number of added growth hormones in said carne: 0
-amount of milk, in ounces, that khubz can easily consume at bedtime: 14
-amount of milk, in ounces, that ummKhubz can produce after a 20 minute pumping session: 4 (on a good day)

-number of times in my life i ever recall hearing my name said by my uncle bob: 1
-date of most recent recollection: today, june 14
-number of times i replayed the message while asking, "did he just say 'sending you bigie, BIGIE love!' " 3

-number of hours ago I should have been in bed: at least 1 maybe more.

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Two Shews said...

Number of days until I get to see Khubz all decked out in her swimsuit for Jake's party: 2

Cute post!