Thursday, May 24, 2007

N es por Nadar

to propel oneself through water by moving the arms and legs or (in fish) the tail and fins.

(or by slowly, steadily pressing on the gas pedal while throwing your considerable weight from side to side in your chair to influence the angle of the car)

This is a picture of the actual flood we drove through. I can only thank the goddess that my travel companion was so calm, that Scully was my own personal fear/panic/tornado hotline, and that my body inspired my car to hold on to the earth, enough to keep the car from being swept away in the rush of water!

Apologies to the woman on the right for the unflattering picture but it an excellent demonstration of what kind of water we're talking about. (Just in case anyone were to accuse me of employing hyperbole.)


Sommossa said...

What the heck? How did this happen? And you didn't explain very clearly how you ended up in the middle of it.

As for this Scully business, I hope you do not get confused when I talk about the X-Files.

Also, please note that I have updated my journal a LOT in the last few days, and that I have "tagged" you in one of the entries to post 10 weird habits or little known facts about yourself.

J said...

Let's assume that if the name "Scully" is mentioned and the context is being impregnated by aliens, we're talking about your show. If it involves any kind of actual earth-baby care (such as cleaning up milky, snotty vomit or the latest green bean + formula inspired fecal matter) we're talking about my special friend.

And I'm on my way to check your journal now. It'll be a while before I can post because I'll be going out to a "lock down" (aka retreat) for work the next three days. I humbly ask for your patience.