Monday, May 21, 2007

L es por Leche

Scully got the girl to sleep on a bottle of formula last night. Khubz has been taking well to it and doesn't even seem to notice that she's no longer getting breastmilk or half 'n half. She's really enjoying putting the girl to sleep and the girl goes down in the crib so much better. This is really good news for all of us.

My thoughts turn to weaning as we piled through boxes of clothes that Khubz has grown out of. What to save for the next one? And I've caught myself saying several times, "I can't wait to get pregnant again." Odds of having another girl are quite, quite low (although my Mom reminds me that I have exactly the same odds as I did the first time, I have less chance of having another girl.) So actually we are looking again at 29% girl/71% boy (as if those are really the only two choices.)

(Small tangent) On that note: Gender and mothering is tricky, tricky stuff. For example:

My Uncle died. My best friend's uncle died the week before. They were both young. My uncle in his early 60s, her uncle was 54. And I thought, how old will Khubz be when I'm 54? She'll be 25. 25. She may not have even had a baby at 25 and every part of me wants to be with her when she's laboring.

This is a thought that makes me want to take better care of myself physically, to move more and eat more thoughtfully. I pause to consider what I would need to change, really change and then I see the underside of my future imaginings. Maybe Khubz won't want to be a mother. Maybe she'll want to be a mother but not birth a child. Maybe she'll make different decisions than I have made. Maybe she will be a different kind of woman than I am. Maybe she will be a different kind of person. What if Khubz wanted to father a child? What then?Maybe that is who my child is. Maybe I don't yet know who my child is or will be.

Back to la leche: So why keep pumping if Khubz is doing fine on formula? It all comes back to daycare. I'm fine with Scully feeding her formula but at daycare I want still want Khubz to feel like she's close and with us. So we're going to continue with milk/formula combo at daycare but the pressure is off, off, off and it feels great.


  • The girl crawled, and really crawled, starting on Thursday (5/17) Now she's doing it like a pro. It used to be if you walked past her without picking her up, she would cry. Now she will crawl after you (while she cries)
  • Pears get added to Khubz's top 10 list. She loves them! Keep the gourmet meals coming, Uncle Saleem!
  • There's going to be a hearing at the next city commission meeting tomorrow on creating a domestic partner registry for the city. They previously put off a vote because they had burning questions like "would the city be liable if someone defrauded an insurance company when they were not in fact domestic partners?" or "would the city be violating the statewide bigotry of the man/woman marriage act by creating any kind of recognition for queers and others through this registry?" All of those questions (and more) have been answered with a "no, dumbass." Scully suggested we go to this and bring the child. I heartily agree. Yea local political action!

In other news

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