Wednesday, May 2, 2007

H (pronounced ah'che) es por hipérbole

Hyperbole is a figure of speech which is an exaggeration. Persons often use expressions such as "I nearly died laughing," "I was hopping mad," and "I would sit on johnny depp's lap"

Such statements are not literally true (after all, I haven't been invited onto his lap), but people make them to sound impressive or to emphasize something, such as a feeling, effort, or reaction.

Hyperboles are common in everyday language, in poetry and in this blog.

Fear not, dear friends, my jaw was not actually realigned. Several people contacted me with this concern. It highlights a real failure of blogging, actually, because in person I think most people can suss out my exaggerations from fantastical-but-true elements I use in storytelling. (ha,ha,ha) In truth, I love the fact that it's difficult to separate it all out. I think this is my gift. (Unfortunately, in trying to type 'gift' i wrote out 'fig' multiple times. i take this as evidence that my gift is fruity, indeed.)

It is an opportunity to have all kinds of great fun in pondering the following questions:

  • Did you really have your jaw realigned?
  • Are you really worried Khubz isn't your child simply because she didn't initially like mangoes and still doesn't like icecream or limericks?
  • Did you really look like a guinea pig tunneling through a paper towel roll when you got in your swimsuit?

Um. . .right. Gross exaggerations. Right.

In other news, my daring partner in motherhood & life needs a codename. She's been known throughout the posts as powerpuff girl, the chicana, la doctora, camelita. . . She needs some sort of permanent identity. Though she is my partner, this is clearly my blog and therefore I'm drawing on a list of side-kicks we've all come to know and love. Please vote for your favorite!

S Gets A New Codename!
Chewy--not as in "nickname for Jesus" but Chewbaka. He growls but always get the ship running again
Watson--Detail oriented, achieved states of advanced degrees, seems tidy
Hermione--not that she has bad hair more that she's comfy in academia and rolls her eyes a lot
Tinkerbell--No resemblance, makes the nickname all the more funny
Arthur--"I...can... taste...your...back" is almost like "I...can...smell... your...feet"
Scully--sexy, smart, enjoys her security clearance, questions skeptically all my conspiracy theories
Lt. Commander Uhura--effortlessly sexy while breaking through race and gender boundaries free polls

Don't disappoint me now: Vote! You can vote daily & I'm sure you check the blog daily anyway, right? (you know who i'm talking to)


Anonymous said...

I voted for Scully but it didn't go through - at least not yet.

I am also one of those poor sap friends of fruitfemme who actually entertained the thought that she had actually gotten her jaw realigned. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Please don't name me tinkerbell!!!! S.

Two Shews said...

You are aware, I am sure, that after you vote on this poll that it links you to other psuedo-assessments, the one at the time being "Are you Gay? Find out with our quick quiz!!!" Um, WTF?

J said...

No. . . I had NOT seen the link to that quiz until you pointed it out. It made me think though, am I gay? AM I? Let's find out.

Don't bother. It's an endless stream of ads after a lenghty and stupid set of questions.

Let's put it this way. I don't think Brad Pitt is a babe. I don't want to play football with him, paint his toe nails or cradle him in my arms. That said, if I'm gay I may be some other sort of queer. Stay tuned. The answer may be nearer than we think.