Wednesday, March 28, 2007

S is for Survey Says. . .

Some of you know I've been dealing with a difficult physical condition lately.

Here's the story

  • Sunday I had a spot on my head that felt sore. I figured I'd just combed through it too roughly and went on. It felt like it got worse through the day.
  • Monday morning one spot had sprouted into many. They were red, raised, sore patches along the right side of my scalp. They felt like they were descending.
  • Monday day it did get worse. I made Laurie come downs at work to inspect my scalp (good friend.) We tossed around theories, never getting too outrageous. Most of them included speculation about the kansas murderous spiders who are occupying my house (and not even paying rent.) I won't post the pictures but, thankfully, the massive flesh wounds pictured at WebMD did not look like what I had on my scalp.
  • Monday night I had developed a large lump behind my ear. It hurt to turn my head or open my mouth wide.
  • Tuesday morning I called the dr. Whats up? They ask. Um, not sure. Maybe an allergic reaction? Or else someone is sneaking in to my house at night & repeatedly hitting me in the head with a rock while I sleep through it? I get an apt. for that afternoon.
  • Tuesday afternoon I developed a lump on the right side of my neck.
  • Driving back to my apt. on Tuesday I called my nursing student (soon to be graduate) friend to pitch my idea about brain cancer complete with tearful images of Khubz growing up without me. Unlikely, she responded, but let me tell you about this documentary I saw of a fly bite that turned into a flesh eating wound and the only cure was to shave the woman's head and peel the skin from her scalp. Is that helping? Don't worry, this woman had multiple sores, not just one. Oh. So you do have multiple sores. Um, I'm sure it's not brain cancer.
  • What is it? Survey says. . . Folliculitis. Luckily my doctor makes her diagnosis quickly before I have a chance to tell her my brain cancer/ murderous spider/ stranger beating me in the head theories. An infection gets into the hair follicle, it spreads, it inflames the lymph nodes (or nymph lodes as I retold the story to S.) they swell up making it difficult to swallow, turn my head etc.
  • So Khubz and I are back on the antibiotic. I love that even though she hasn't been sick she's received a steady stream of antibiotics. Even once I'm done with the course, she gets them for an additional week in frozen milk.
  • But good news! I'm going to live. :)

In other news:

Khubz had her 6 month check up and is 18 lbs. 11 oz. She's 27" long. And marvelous.

We had a great weekend last weekend. Saturday was all about Khubz's first real fever. Any fever triggers the "it's okay to sit on the couch all day with the tv on" exception clause to our "no tv when the girl is awake" guideline. At this point we can't even call it a rule. Then Sunday we went out to Clinton Lake and I got to fly a kite--one of my favorite things to do ever. Really. Try it. Go fly a kite.

We're hoping for some developmental leaps & we're working hard towards some goals:

  • Bed time is 8 o'clock. Sleep time usually occurs two hours later if this mommy is putting the girl to bed. The other mommy apparently keeps a small amount of Valium hidden away and is able the get the girl asleep and in her crib and, in fact, asleep in her crib in less than 30 minutes.
  • Nursing is great. Playing with the covers, touching one of the mommies' faces, reaching for her camel (aptly named Jamel) are all acceptable things to do while nursing. Twiddling this mommy's other nipple is right out. It is not okay.
  • Pinching, squeezing and attempting to detach the other nipple violates human rights laws and will not be tolerated.
  • The girl loves carrots. Absolutely loves carrots. I see fruit (and chickpeas) in her near future.
  • Baby on a plane: I am going to Providence, RI in may and the girl is coming with me. That fabulous A McK will be watching her at the hotel while I'm in my meeting so I'll get to have her with me, feed her on breaks and spend our evenings together. This is great news! It does mean: Baby on a plane. We bought Khubz her own seat (one of the best decisions ever!) but that means I'll need to carry-on her carseat rather than checking it with luggage. So I'm trying to figure out what all I'll have to have so I don't look like fat-woman-struggling-physically through the airport. I'll be making the trip back without any coworkers and so I'll need to be able to manage things on my own. Here's my plan. Check my suitcase at the curb. Check the stroller at the gate. Carry onto the plane: me, la bebe, her carseat, the carseat base and my diaperbag. I will absolutely be one of the first ones on d/t the "small children first" boarding etiquette. Put Khubz on an empty seat while I install the carseat. Put Khubz in the carseat. Pour myself into the seat. Sedate the child with baby benadryl. Repeat in Detroit at layover. (probably no need to repeat the drugging part, but maybe) Be met by the mommy in Kansas City. Breathe. (p.s. I fully recognize this does not require a developmental leap for Khubz. But it does require one for me.)

Well, enough for now. It's pumping time.


Two Shews said...

Some un-asked for advice for flying with a baby, since I have done this and survived:
1. Khubz will probably not be in her baby carrier by May. Many of them have a 20 lb limit. So, umbrella stroller + diaper bag + car seat. Yikes. If she's still in the carrier, you don't need the base, as it can be used w/o it. This is ideal because it probably just clicks into your stroller, right? I will send you warm wishes of under 20 lb-ness.
2. They make a little bag for car seats that you can carry as a backpack or over your shoulder. Some even have wheels. I haven't tried this, but have heard good things about it.
3. Wanna borrow my very light, inexpensive, but highly saftey rated car seat so you aren't carrying your fancy schmancy 40 lb one through the airport?
4. Are you renting a car? Most car rental companies will rent you a car seat, and seriously, it might be worth it to NOT have to haul this across the country. We did this in Florida and we were in LOVE. I expected it to be a scary janky one but it was nicer than the ones I have at home.
5. Take off and landing-- NURSE. This does the same thing for Khubz as chewing gum. And she can't scream and nurse at the same time.
6,7,8,9. It's all about the curb-side checking.

10. I am so excited for you! what a fun trip to share with your daughter!


Anonymous said...

Are you still planning to be back for a visit soon? I can show you how myra and I traveled. Yes, getting her her own seat is brilliant! T

J said...

D: I will TOTALLY take you up on borrowing a lighter carseat. That would be marvelous. And I always welcome advice

T: It was great to see you this weekend! I'm glad for the vote of confidence on getting Khubz her own seat. It felt like a luxury but once I'm there I know it'll feel like a necesscity.