Tuesday, March 20, 2007

K is for Khubz & also for Khara

Work with me.
First for the Khubz:
S. doesn't want L's name plastered all over the web. She doesn't like my take on a nickname, "Pita, Pita" so. . . that brings us to khubz. (bread.) In my defense, it sounds better in the ear than it looks on the page. So there it is.

And now for the Khara:
In more serious news, it has been 4 years and I'm feeling sad about the state of the world. I know I was glib yesterday about watching 'Nixon' but I've started having an insatiable (and distinctly anti-social) need for information about WWII and the anti-war movement in the 60s-70s. I thought watching Nixon would make me feel better about the world. Not like, whew! It was bad then--this is cake kind of way. More like, it is possible to persevere in terrible times.

I watched some of the ANSWER anti-war protest last Saturday but had to turn it off when Nicholas Berg's father got up to speak. It was so painful. I know its a cowardly response to see his grief & his well placed anger at the government and (agreeing with him) hit the little red button on the remote so I don't have to face it.

It's about so much more than just leaving, isn't it? I mean, what is being left? And so much of the dialogue is about leave because it's not worth one more us life or us dollar. So leaving responds to that but there's this pesky little issue of the iraqi welfare. Not in a, the us must stay to civilize and liberate the iraqis. but more like, you don't get to turn the toybox upside down and then leave the room because you've made such a damn mess.

I have a hard time watching democracy now but, of course, certainly recommend it to anyone else to watch.

"Hope is a state of mind independent of the state of the world. If your heart's full of hope, you can be persistent when you can't be optimistic. You can keep the faith despite the evidence, knowing that only in so doing has the evidence any chance of changing. So while I'm not optimistic, I'm always very hopeful." Wm Sloane Coffin

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