Thursday, March 8, 2007

B is for Border Jumper

In the best possible sense. As in multiracial or gender bender or going to iowa.

So my sweet, sweet child & I are heading up in the morning. Odds that I'll get back to my alphabet post are low. I'm really hoping I keep up with this until I get to "G is for ganglion." It'll give me an opportunity to dedicate this picture to Sally.

Fun fact--Nerve ganglions are also called "Bible Bumps". I couldn't put "B is for Bible Bumps" though because someone might think that was dirty and it is lent.

See some of you soon-J


sommossa said...

Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrggghhhhh! I don't know how I missed this before! Is this you? How disgusting!

Also, I am dying to know why these are called Bible Bumps...

J said...

You are hillarious. Really.

No this is not me.

They are called bible bumps because a common "cure" is to whack the ganglion with a very heavy shame-filled book (namely, the bible)