Monday, March 26, 2007

Q is for quality control, the renunciation of

There's this great spoken word/performance art group called Mango Tribe. They completely kick ass. Several women in the group were involved in a Queer API meeting on DV that I went to. After an open mic (where i did actually get up & read, thanks to the gentle persistence of our friend Lopez) we were walking around & talking about how hard/easy/hard it is to write, write well etc. And I was given two pieces of advice by a charming, charming Mango Tribe member:

  • Keep writing all the time, even if you don't like it
  • Lower your standards so you don't quit writing

So that, my poor blog reader, is what allows me to post the previous entry. (That, plus my diagnosable fruit fetish.)

In the name of art I renounce quality control!

And hey, if you're looking for quality, that's what the "Meet Someone New!" list of blogs is all about. I'll now shamelessly plug a sister blog (literally.) Check her out. I adore her.

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