Tuesday, March 20, 2007

K is also for Kumquat

Kumquats go to citrus daycare. They are rarely grown from seed as they do not do well on their own roots. In China and Japan they are grafted onto the trifoliate orange. This has been found the best rootstock for kumquats in northern Florida and California and for dwarfing for pot culture. (Note, dwarfing for pot culture deserves to be it's own poem.) Sour orange and grapefruit are suitable rootstocks for southern Florida.
Some other mother
Raised you
Her othermother roots find water
Her othermother trunk holds you in the sky
Her othermother branches
Your best company.
And you flower and fruit and grow
Better for her gift of surrogacy but
Keeping your own sharp bite
Your own slow sweetness.


Joe said...

This is my favorite entry by far and...gasp...I even LOVED the poem! I was looking for an author's name and it occured to me, My God! That's my GIRL'S WRITING! Only you could make daycare such a beautiful thing.
Kisses, me

J said...

Oh Joe. I love you!

It's nice to read this poem with a loving tone, it was written with such bitterness but now you & S have both heard it with a calm reverence.

I love you sister