Wednesday, March 21, 2007

L is for Lost Milk

Two and a half oz accidentally left in my bag all night.
I was so sad pouring it out--S. had to reassure me that better to pour out the 2 1/2 oz than have Khubz retching from dysentary or some god forsaken sour milk tummy whatever.
I'm back to low milk production. There seems to be plenty for Khubz when she's with me. It's just trying to pump enough for daycare. Food to the rescue! (Not food for me, although I often act like baked goods will rescue me.) Today is her first day eating real food at daycare. We took over some rice, squash and peas. Next in line for the girl is chickpeas which I plan to prepare myself (me and my handy-dandy food processor.)

I know the first time she tastes fruit the world will change. I mean, she came out of my body--she will surely love fruit. She must. But we want her well and truly grounded it the worlds of veges and legumes before the wild abandon of pears, peaches, apples, bananas, prunes, apricots, kiwis. . . Well, the list could be endless (could even be a blog.)

On an entirely different note: Did anyone see the documentary Shadya on PBS last night. The girl was sleeping & S and I actually watched an entire film together. It was so sad. If anyone saw it let me know.


Two Shews said...

Hey there my leche friend. Try not to sweat the lost milk... I have totally been there, crying because the 'liquid gold' had been carelessly left out, or spilled, or forgotten in some work refrigerator. I also struggled with low milk the second time 'round, and at about 6 months I even had to resort to (gasp! shock! awe!) formula once or twice a day while A was at daycare. I probably would have reacted better to this concept had someone came and pulled my toenails out, since J never had any liquid that wasn't boob juice for a complete 13 months. I felt guilty for 'giving up' on A in that way (ps. Jewish family, guilt is just what we DO)... You've seen her. Think she's scarred for life? And I have seen the way L nurses-- no formula could be better than the sheer peace she is in those moments! And, at the end of the day, no matter how much fenugreek you take or water you drink (although both help), sadly, you can't will there to be more milk. I hope that you are still loving nursing. It is so beautiful to watch you with your baby!

J said...

Ah. . . The fenugreek. . .The sweet smell of black licorise steadily dripping from your breasts. There's nothing better! Love you--J