Sunday, March 25, 2007

P is also for many things: Puke, Poop & Profile

Puke as in, the girl puked. I'm not talking about spit up. I'm talking about what happens when a well intentioned Mommy trying to put tylenol into her cheek (towards the back so she doesn't spit it out) accidentally gags her precious, but cranky & fevered baby. PUKE. Nice. And guess what? It does smell worse than spit up alone. I know it's hard to imagine improving on the scent of soured, old, spat up milk but the stomach acid really adds a special note.

Poop as in, the girl pooped & pooped. My colon hurt just watching her. No need to elaborate on that.

And on an entirely different note: profile as in, what kind of American do you speak? I found this on a pretty cool blog: My Private Casbah. I usually don't go in for any kind of recreational linguist incs but I thought this would be fun. Additionally, I'd like to see how S.'s profile changes based on her many "accents" she tries out on unsuspecting McD drive-through workers. I'm not sure how I got rated 10% on dixie. She must be rubbing off on me.

Your Linguistic Profile:
60% General American English
10% Dixie
10% Midwestern
10% Upper Midwestern
0% Yankee

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