Tuesday, March 13, 2007

C is for so many things

cockroaches--My very fun sister-in-law is visiting this week. She & her 3 year old son are staying with us. "I told them about the spiders in the basement." S tells me. Ah. . . You mean you did not tell her that every morning when I wake up I clean up the cockroach cemetery (once known as our living room?!!) And what's more, because our basement is now overrun by the aforementioned murderous spiders they can't sleep in the basement. They are sleeping on the couch in the living room.

So begins my manic attempt to ensure she never sees any cockroaches. It's worse than trying to control George Bush. I mean he has millions of mindless, dis/ease spreading minions but he still can't breed at the rate they do. Picture it: all in the living room chatting pleasantly. What did you say? Your son babbled in the same way the L does? ha, ha HAHAHAHAH. I leap between Alex and the side wall, blocking her field of vision so she cannot see the adult size cockroach 1 1/2 inches long crawling UP the wall in pure daylight. They are bold, they are breeding and they are disgusting. Back to the story. HAHAHAHAHA. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard! Whump! Grab the kleenex box and smash the roach behind my back without looking.

Or coming back from our lovely outing at the KC Science City. S and I craft a plan to ensure I'm the first one in the house and I have time to sweep up any roaches that decided to crawl out in the middle of the room to DIE (or worse to live.)

There is more, but alas, I have to earn a living so we can fund another round with the exterminator.

Unfortunately, the letter "G" is still far away and we have another word contending for that spot. "G" is for "Gratitude." As in, S pointing to the Malaysian Hissing Cockroach at Science City and saying "Aren't you glad the ones we have are at least quiet?" Hmpf. I've seen worse. Of course, I also left that country.

But stay tuned. It's not all bad news!
C is also for
-Climax (as in the best part of a book)
-Cutting teeth (plural)
-Creativity (S has a plan for our financial independence. Hint: it does not involve seeking corporate sponsorship for this blog)
-Conspiracy (Will Gonzales get kicked in the groin? Or will all this noise about firing US Attorneys get lost in the cacophony that is the bushnewscorporation?

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