Thursday, January 10, 2008

What's the word?

Lots of them!

Khubz is now saying:

  • Mama & Uma: though she says Mama mostly
  • Hap-py! :she says this so much that we named her baby doll "happy"
  • Agua: this is old news. Really, agua=any liquid substance. Bathwater? Agua! Juice? Agua! Mommy peeing? Agua!!
  • Casa: this is said most excitedly at the end of long trips. For example, when coming back from Texas she screamed for an hour and a half. We pulled in to town and kept saying "we're almost home! we're almost home!" She calmed down and said through her tears: "Casa?"
  • Duckie & Doggie & Woof & Quack : She also makes an elephant noise while holding her arm in the air like an elephant trunk
  • Diaper: This is most frequently said while running away from us at top speed
  • Hi & Hiya: The best is when she wakes up and we can hear her talking in her crib saying, hiya. Who is in there with her??
  • ahi esta: Translates as "there it is" but comes out like aaaaiiieeeesta!!!!!
  • pie: Spanish for foot, this is said while kicking her leg up in the air to escape a diaper change
  • Apple: You can figure this one out
  • up: this is one of Khubz's top 10 commandments. Thou shalt pick me UP!
  • no-no-no-no-no: this is code for "watch me! Are you watching me? Better watch me! I'm gonna do it! Yes, I am. Watch! I'ma gonna hide your keys/ play with an electrical socket/ eat this dollar bill / make an international call on your cell phone. . . ."

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