Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blog of Consumption


You can all thank 2 shews for this.

It's good. A nice UMF! to our commitment to frugality and a much needed reminder of many things (like how badly I suck keeping up with my recycling)

So what have I consumed today?

  • Morning's heat, electricity, housing, water to get ready for the day
  • Deodorant in a recyclable plastic container, toothpaste from a recyclable container, dental floss from a recyclable plastic container, mousse from a recyclable metal container, moisturizer from a recyclable plastic container. . . oh, but, wait. Even though all those things could be recycled, our recycling center doesn't accept them.
  • Gas to commute to work (alone because my carpool buddy is on vacation) as well as paying the toll to get here
  • Electricity at work for my lights, computer, heat, digital serviced phone, the microwave to warm up lunch
  • Ugh. Food: 2 apple/cranberry muffins, someone brought in brownies at work so I had one of those, lunch leftovers from last night, a dt. dr. pepper from the vending machine, another brownie, a cup of non-fair trade, pesticide laden coffee which i didn't like and only drank because i didn't feel like having water and i ran out of change for the vending machine
  • 147 puffs with lotion kleenex even though they could easily use recycled materials, they don't and i may go to hell for saying this but I just love their lotion-filled softness

there is more. There is so much more.

Although, to my credit, there is not a third brownie to list.

And I'm posting this nice primer on fair trade for when I complain about how expensive things are at the merc (which is often) and for when I feel like our save money values conflicts with our mimimize evil values.

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Daisy said...

That is an amazing list! I try so hard to curb it, but I feel like I got no choice. :(

My cousin likes to say he "lives simply" but could match your (and my) list easily. It's amazing how much we consume, and if we think we are "doing better"--just imagine the consumption of people who really *do not care", huh?