Thursday, January 17, 2008

$1500 in my closet

Yes, there is $1500 in my closet. And it's not enough.

I make a quick call to the fertility clinic to brush up on the cost of everything. My memory of what we did before was a sort of a blur of periodically shelling out $300 to the clinic here & there.

Cost of the insemination procedure? $206
Cost to wash (separate the tail from the core) the sperm? $60
Cost of the sperm? $400-$500
Cost of the crazy woman juice? $2250

This is for one cycle. . . one try. . .one month.

How did we do this before?
Insurance covered the cost of the fertility drugs.
And my policy now does not.

Will it cover the lab work? The sonograms? The progesterone? The hCG shot?

Scully and I talked through a couple silver linings to this really big problem.

  • If we were only going to get insurance to cover one round of trying to make a baby, alhamdillah, they covered the first round. We know so much more. We won't be wasting time, money, meds, treatments just trying to figure out what kinds of help i need.
  • We found this out before we incurred any costs. This relieves a lot of pressure.
  • This means after I have my second child, inshallah, I can make a decision about whether and where to work based on what is best for my actual family, rather than wondering if I should stay somewhere for the fertility coverage while pondering whether to try for#3.
  • I am totally proud of how Scully & I talk about money and I do believe we'll find a way to swing this.

Of course any silver lining is attached to a cloud: I still haven't gotten my period despite my best efforts to sabotage all my attempts to get my period back

All this is to say, how did we find $1500 in our linen closet? We have 5 boxes of Brevelle, each with 5 vials. Those suckers are $50 a piece. The vials. Not the boxes. We have 25 of them. Anyone want to check my math? $1500, right?

Yea us!

I mean, sure, they expired in December of'06, but the dr at the clinic said they should still be good. And so we're going to use them.

That gives me 7 days of treatments. To conceive Khubz I was on the meds for 15 days (3 vials a day.)

So all I need to do is figure out how to make a cool thousand and we'll have our first round financed. To celebrate, I went out and bought a $70 turkey. I know. Don't worry. It makes sense to me.


Two Shews said...

I can't believe I'm bitching about raising cash for a frickin' camera. What a goof I am.

I will look in my closet immediately for lost thousands. Khubz is too good not to replicate.

dawn224 said...

two shews is cute:)

I found cash while cleaning my office. I also have a basket full of stuff to sell.

Veronica said...

Good luck. I hope you win the lottery, or at least find enough vials to do you a cycle.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

we also sold all of our old books and dvd's -3 boxes full and got $15.00. so now we are going to have a garage sale. scully