Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I am still laughing about a pun i made (effortlessly) with some friends just this morning. But rather than being accused of recycling this story when they read this I'll give another example of my fabulously quick wit.

I was in iowa this weekend with my family (all of whom caucused for Richardson, actually.) And I ran out to get some overpriced zionist coffee (said tongue in cheek, please don't snarp at me) and the guy at the drive thru window was doing his obligatory chattiness while fixing the mocha.

"So what are you up to on this warm January Saturday? Errands, huh? Well, I guess we've all got errands. Of course, then there's chores. I never was quite sure what the difference was between errands and chores. I suppose an errand is a kind of chore. . . " You get the idea. Finally he asks me if I'm working the following day. I am not. He says he's off the next day too. But he's got to work late tonight. Really late. Midnight late.

"Oh, that's so late. . ."

"Well, at least I get free caffeine. Can't beat that!" He is ever optimistic

"Yep. Not a bad perk. ha, ha, ha."
Nothing. i try again.
"Free coffee? Great perk? " I smile.
Zippo. Once more.
"Pardon the pun. Ha. Ha. Ha?"


Give me my goddmn coffee.


Veronica said...

Hmmmmph indeed!

How did he not get it?

frog ponds rock... said...

How did he not get it indeed.. Veronica has the advantage of being brought up in a household that thinks Bad puns are hilariously funny..