Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goodbye 2007!

Most things deserve another look.
A different perspective.
An alternate view.
It shows us where the pits are, how thick the skin is and some places of unexpected beauty.
If you're looking for a good roundup of political events in 2007, I recommend this from democracy now. It's nice to hear about the year that did not show up in the local paper, the 'yahoo news' page, on npr (i do love them so, even though 2 shews calls me a nerd for downloading it to my ipod),or even on the daily show.
So if you're interested in taking a second look at the year consider this view that is not brought to you by ADM, Pfizer, Nabisco or Exxon.


Kelly O said...

Hello, 2008!

(I have to say, the photos on your blog are GORGEOUS.)

scully said...

Good luck to us in 2008, the year of more babymaking! Everyone please send your fertile thoughts this way and some strength as we go another round with homophobic/ignorant/insenstive medical staff.

dawn224 said...

Wow. You've been busy. I'm glad to be home to get back in the thick of it :)

Happy New Year!