Sunday, July 22, 2007

When a great white shark gets a cold. . .

Khubz woke us up this morning with a temperature of 102.4. This is not douse the baby in a bathtub of icewater fever but it is higher than any of Khubz's previous fevers.

I remember that she was fussy all night (or at least once she joined us in bed) but I kept dismissing that as tired baby doesn't want to extend the effort required to suckle and at the same time cries when the nipple falls out of her mouth.

Come on. It was 3:30 in the morning. I was tired and not about to hold the nipple in her mouth for the rest of the night. So I let her fuss. Bad, bad mommy. How about this: baby in bed with both mommies, uncharacteristically fussy, tired but unable to sleep. . . Could she be sick?

The short answer is yes. She is sick.

(its a few hours later now. She's had two rounds of tylenol and a 2 hour nap with me in the recliner. All this while Scully was moping the kitchen floor. I know. I know.)

Prior to the glorious, life-saving nap: Scully asked me to bring up some videos from the basement. Remember that any type of fever inactivates the rule. Specifically, she asked me to bring up some Bob the Builder. (sigh) And yes, I actually did sigh. I return from the basement with three videos: one bob the builder, one baby Einstein and one muppet show (the one with Carol Burnett where they were doing the dance-a-thon. It's hilarious!) I put all three dvds on top of the tv and sit down with Khubz.

"So, do you really think that the Muppet Show has some kind of "educational value" that Bob the Builder doesn't?" Scully snipes.

"What??" said with the unfortunate tone of "what did you say? what did you just say???"

What ensues is a bizarrely heated discussion (on both sides) about which is the better video. For the record, Kermit could kick Bob's ass. Even Robin could kick Bob's ass.

Her argument: We always watch the Muppet Show and there's all kinds of casual violence in it. Why don't you mind that? Huh? Huh??

My argument: Bob the Builder is insipid. ("Insipid" is a word that is most satisfying spit out in a debate.)

WTF? What is wrong with us?

Khubz calmly got herself some more tylenol and poured each of the mommies a drink. She said the quality of the conversation warranted alcohol for everyone. In fact, alcohol is usually the prerequisite for such debates.

The nap helped.
I haven't felt the need to defend Kermit's honor all afternoon.

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