Monday, July 30, 2007

a change in time

We are back after having attended the wedding of a friend.

The trip was marvelous, the ceremony was beautiful and my dear friend was absolutely stunning. Khubz thoroughly enjoyed herself. Her review highlights some of her favorites from the wedding:

  • Two thumbs up on an outdoor wedding & for having the dinner on the lawn. The sweet potatoes were cooked to perfection and the blades of grass were freshly harvested.
  • Dollar dance with Tia Lopie was the best.
  • Staying up till 11 pm is fun.
  • Tia Sally is hilarious. And the mommies get all twitterpated around her.
  • Gay men are fabulous!

She stayed up the whole wedding. Other children were littering the benches having passed out hours before. As soon as we got in the car she collapsed. Mouth hanging open. Tongue slightly hanging out her mouth. We got to the hotel & she slept. We changed her clothes & she slept. We gave her her antibiotic & she slept.

Khubz was great on the trip. The only meltdown occurred immediately after I said, "she has been such a good baby, you guys! have you ever seen a baby be this good on such a long drive?"

Scully and our friend Mulder stomped around the Field Museum during the day. This allowed Khubz, Tia Sally and myself to sleep until 10. Bliss. Then we got in the pool and stayed there until it was clear Khubz was ready for the mandatory post-swim nap. Awesome.

As always, there are lessons learned.

  • Don't forget to bring pants (Scully and Tia Sally!)
  • If you do forget to bring pants (or something to sleep in) don't cuddle up to the person you're sharing a bed with (this one is just directed at Tia Sally on behalf of Mulder. Scully can cuddle up with me anytime!)
  • Caravans should be reserved for the old country. They just don't work well here. Particularly in crazy Chicago traffic where none of us know where we're going.
  • It is always a good idea to leave at 4 in the morning. No matter what the haters say (Rebekah!).

We drove back via iowa with a nice 2 hour stop at casa de grandma. It was also great as we were leaving to say "See you in a few days!"

Grandpa had gotten Khubz a singing dinosaur that croons out Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire." This happened to be one of my theme songs from when I was trying to get pregnant. Remember that? (insert nostalgic sigh) Fruitfemme's first ever yeast-infection combined with progesterone vaginal suppositories three times a day? The progesterone had to be kept in the fridge, too. I think that does outrank the hilarity of breast milk in the fridge at the office break room. Ah, the memories.

I forgot why I titled this post the way I did. Then I remembered! Tomorrow is Llamas, a harvest holiday. I'd like to start doing more witchy celebrations with Khubz. Perhaps we can make some spiral cookies or something tomorrow. We're going to the fair tonight with some friends. (Also an excellent way to celebrate the harvest, the land & the coming of fall.)

I can't wait.

Also, Ramadhan starts around Sept. 13th this year. We pretty much skipped the festivities last year. I think I made some phone calls on Eid and that was it. This year it is on. Stay tuned.


J said...

I could never actually drop you--you're one of my favorites! Especially with that third paragraph which I'll memorize and recite to you the next time you're giving me shit. Which I expect to be anytime now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
If you drop me from your blogroll, there may be a serious lack of forgiveness from me.

I wanna come down for Eid. I also want a new position. I really hope that I can have both. I miss you all so much!

Remember this weekend when I accused you of accusing me of being a penis-worshiping sellout? And then I accused you of loving abuser-validating ancient poetry? And then I accused you of saying non-mothers are less valuable, actualized women than mothers?

I love you.

Tia Sally
(that's especially for our googling friend in Plano, TX. Come say hello to me, mystery person.)