Friday, July 20, 2007

If We Was Fishies. . .

I would be a

Don't take the analogy too far: I am not generally prickly and, actually, have a reputation for being positively squeezable. Nor am I poisonous.

But do consider: Puffer fish puff up when threatened, stressed out or when courting. Puffer fish also have amazingly elastic skin.

Khubz would be a

Don't take the analogy too far: She's not actually bloodthristy. And she also enjoys a cuddle.

But do consider: A great white prefers a fatty food source. A great white also seeks out the often fatty food source by pursuing it relentlessly with an open, grasping mouth. Once they set their sites on prey there is little the prey can do but unhook the nursing bra and hope for the best.

Scully would be a

Don't take the analogy too far: After all, if either of the mommies should be depicted by a fish with whiskers--it's not Scully. Nor is she a bottom feeder.

But do consider: The south aligns more closely with Catfish than any other single animal. They are often found in ponds on farms or ranches. Catfish are happiest when dug into the mud. (Have you seen Scully's mud wrestling pics from grad school?)

What would you be?

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Anonymous said...

puffer fish's puffiness = "Huh" or "Wow"