Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mama goes boomp-d-boom-boom-boomp!

Ah, the sounds of peaceful morning in our home. Khubz did not want to quit nursing this morning but I had to get up & get going for work. Scully was already done getting ready and was heading downstairs. She got Khubz dressed while I got dressed and then Scully headed downstairs with our sleepy, crabby daughter.

Say it out loud with me: Boomp-d-boom-boom-boomp!

Yes, Scully missed a step towards the bottom of the stairs
Yes, she and Khubz rolled and pitched forward down the last few steps
Yes, Scully's fall was broken (not softly) by the wooden baby gate at the bottom of the stairs
Yes, I ran to them both
Yes, Scully had cradled Khubz with her arms and body, keeping Khubz from any harm
Yes, Khubz thought the amusement park ride was a blast and wanted to do it again. She had not a single scratch.

The mommy? She's not so anxious to have another go around.

This fall warranted one of the precious prescription-strength ibuprofen saved from after Khubz's birth.

What a good Mommy.
She is totally at the top of my gratitude list.

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