Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Break

Scully is staying home with Khubz today.
She's not contagious but it was a hard night. She's very low energy, whiny and needs the constant comfort that only her mommies can give.

I am heading off to work. Shamelessly.

Last night was okay. I think Khubz joined us about 2ish? I was impressed we got her in the crib at all last night. She was so tired that she was overtired. We wanted to give her more tylenol and wanted to do the tylenol at the same time as the amoxicillin which meant keeping her up until 10 last night. We will definitely plan better this evening.

So she did do some sleeping in her crib. The mommies immediately collapsed in the bed.

Leaving the bedroom this morning I saw Khubz cuddled up in the crook of Scully's arm. I love seeing them all bundled in the bed together. Khubz was on her side with her face nuzzled against Scully. She had one arm up so her hand was resting against Scully's face. This is her ideal position so she can pat-pat-pat the mommy on her cheek until she wakes up. It was a very sweet image.

And yet, I was still pretty happy to be leaving for work this morning.

I know I'm not going to sleep at my computer or anything but at least no one will be screaming at me as I wipe their nose or their ass. (If such expectations exist, we will seriously be renegotiating my salary.)

So to keep my sense of humor up even though my energy level is low:

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