Monday, April 9, 2007

Z for zum

Zum: An approximate unit of measurement anywhere between 14/19ths and 3/27ths. As in, "sure, I'll have zum"

Well, Z is actually for Zucchini but readers in England will think that's cheating because how could Z be for Courgette?

I have several things to catch everyone up on but first is the matter of this blog.

I have been cleared for continued blogging by Those Who Know Best. This only encourages me in my nonsensical, random and useless posting. But my delusions of grandeur make me crave for a theme, not unlike TAL. At the same time in the name of the new democracy that is the internet I offer up a poll. (what I should have done with the books post, no? Since some people (RS) sneak a peek but never comment)

Please vote for your favorite option.
El Alfabeto--The alphabet again. This time in Spanish! This will get us exciting posts like "P is for Pera" Good times & an opportunity to expand my vocabulary base. Remember, this could be the crucial choice if you'd like me keep ahead of khubz.

A Poet A Day--Likely to be everyone's automatic choice, fear not, this would not be everlasting. Only long enough to celebrate National Poetry Month (April.) Remember, Julia Alverez is a poet!

The New Math--Please don't vote for this option. Consider it the Dennis Kucinich of the candidates. Very interesting. Perhaps some cutting edge new ideas. But no longevity. Really, I've got Khubz learning that counting up means "70, 435, 152, 35" and counting down means "35, 152, 435, 70" and that's it. (Ten points to anyone who can decipher my new math)

Fruit ranked by fiber content--This closely beat out fruit ranked by glycemic index in the primaries. I cannot make any promises about content but will give fair warning that any fiber-based theme will likely be result in numerous graphic descriptions of bodily fluids (or solids) basket tags.

A country each day--Really, did you know that the capitol of Eritrea is Asmera? Neither did I. Shouldn't you know that? Shouldn't I? Why don't we know that? Don't we all listen to NPR? And country/capitol is so. . . 7th grade. What we all really want to know is: What kind of fruit do they have going on in Eritrea? Turns out, fruit is not generally a daily consumable, but the cactus pear is right up as a celebratory dish.

What comes after Z?
El Alfabeto
A Poet A Day
The new math
Fruit ranked by fiber content
A country each day free polls

If my writing will be besmirched as nonsensical & random anyway, I might as well play along. Accompanying the theme will be an unrelated story (no votes on this) such as
  • The girl is finally eating mangoes & enjoying them. She is perhaps my child. What will she think of the homemade (and slightly grainy) carrots?
  • S. gets a codename--what will it be?
  • We are recommitting to frugality--how cheap can we get?
  • Khubz seems to be doing fine at daycare with her half/half--what kind of poop will show up in her pants?
  • Unless there are a flood of comments, it looks like I'll be taking Big Brother to the Crime Victims Rights Conference in Wichita this week. Will I be too freaked out (or too drugged by unfettered access to cable) to read it?
  • We seem to have been doing well at night but last night I woke up to the girl pinching, pulling and chomping down on a newly formed blister on my nipple. I did what any bad mommy would do and yelled "OUCH! STOP IT!" as I reared back, yanking my breast out of her mouth. Her mama reflexively pulled Khubz closer and cooed, "it's okay. it's okay" I then realized she was trying to calm me. Not the infant child. But the half-crazed mommy. In my defense, I was not gripping a fork or otherwise preparing for battle. Will Khubz be in counseling before she's walking? Will Khubz sleep like the angel child she is for her Mama while I'm gone? Will I find out that the "family bed" I usually enjoy pales in comparison to a queen-sized-holiday-inn-standard with cable on all night long?

Stay tuned, won't you?

And remember to vote early & often--in this case it's not a felony!


Anonymous said...

Public apology #1
Yes this is "S" the awful partner that said no one would read her blog. I was wrong and so now I humbly apologize from the bottoms of my feet. I am home sick today with a cold as punishment from the universe for thinking no one would read the blog. I hope all of you have enjoyed my girl's randomness, poetry and fruit fetish. I am very proud of what she does because it makes me smile. I hope that her blog was a glimpse into our daily lives where we can be discussing immigration policies, switch to a discussion of the beauty of pomegrantes and then switch to the use of fictive realism in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's works. I love you habibeti!

J said...

I love that the title acknowledges there will be a stream of additional public apologies.

J said...

Not only are the masses flocking to my blog but I just got a hit from someone who was searching for "uvula + fetish"

Now i know I've arrived!

sommossa said...

Ha ha, I voted for New Math, even though I have absolutely no idea what the hell you are talking about. I did it because you said not to.

Did you two go to the library sale? If not, when you go will you please scan for B. Neels?

sommossa said...

Also, your poll won't let me vote more than once! I wanted to vote for math again.

I got your message-- PUPPP, the pregnancy rash, makes you feel closer to Hugh Laurie.

I just had to post that publically.