Sunday, April 29, 2007

F es por Fuuuucker

Here's why this matters. . .

Everybody does it, yells at their kids and this was taken out of context

We have lost our sense of public/private

Some 'man' did not think about what was in my child's interest when taking this tape public

I am devoted to the cause of parental alienation, restoring fairness

This is work that I've been creeping up on

I know you're with me, rosie. We've both been attacked by the public

My mom is so great. She's a cancer survivor. She loves me.

i have tens of thousands of men contact me who are victims of parental
alienation. if you think they're mad, you should hear the women they're
with now. they call and say, my husband's ex-wife is a bleep'n bleep
bleep. . .

By the way, my ex-wife is the one who really yells at my daughter

I really encourage all you going through divorce to work to peace.

Well, shit, i never loved rosie. this makes me think she's an idiot.

In other news. . .Some of you know I've had my jaw realigned lately. I'm fine. I highly recommend sedation dentistry for any of you who are pondering such a thing. The drugs are something else. And even if you feel really awake the next day, don't drive. Some woman could be driving with her brand new baby and see you swerve and scream "you're driving as if I don't have a baby in my car! What's wrong with you!" Really, I'm fine.

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