Thursday, April 5, 2007

W is for What Bad Mommies


How else could you describe mommies who opportunistically capitalize on their moderately-sick daughter's drug-induced slumber? But we did. Shamelessly. And the girl slept. Not while she was attached to my body, not in the bed with us and not even in the room with us. She slept and she stayed asleep. Which means that that "W" is also for "Wihoo!"

The down side to that is that Khubz is still sick. I picked her up from daycare yesterday and she had a low-grade fever. We got home, greeted mama who was napping upstairs, nursed, accidentally gagged her with some benadryl (this time it wasn't me), vomited up all the milk she'd just sucked down + a belly full of swallowed mucus that had collected through the day. This resulted in a milky-vomit with a snotty texture I had not known was possible. And lots of it. Snotty, milky vomit all over her. Snotty, milky vomit all over me. Snotty, milky vomit all over our bed. It was something.

So Khubz & I got in the bath and quickly. S. changed the bedsheets and then we all went downstairs, nursed some more, took some benadryl very, very slowly & carefully and slept most of the evening in my arms or with S. About 9 o'clock she was officially in the great sleep. I took her up to her crib where she snoozed until about 3 the next morning. (note the above Wihoo! worth repeating)

She didn't have a fever through the night or this morning but S. is taking her to the dr. this morning. She'd been tugging on her ears at daycare. Then last night she was tugging on her ears. So it's time to have her ears checked & just given the once-over.

In other news. . .for anyone who wasn't frightened by my description of snotty vomit, check out this site: cheney's life in the bushes . Cheney is apparently frequently pictured lurking in bushes or shrubbery of some sort. It's completely wacky. But for the love of god don't scroll down to see the picture posted in the comment section. No matter what that girl at Rivolta Silenziosa tells you to do. Totally fucking freaky.


Sommossa said...

I am starting to think that you should change the theme of your blog to "Graphic Descriptions of Bodily Fluids Basket". That made my stomach turn. Not in the Cheney-Eating-Custard way, but still, I'm pretty nauseous.

And, speaking of Cheney, the whole bushes thing was started by this really weird video of Bush's speech this week about Iraq funding on the White House lawn. You maybe already saw this. But if you haven't, it is worth a look. Watch it here

J said...

Oh my God you are the funniest person I know!

I will take your re-theme suggestion under advisement.

I did check out the video of Cheney hiding in the bushes. It was hillarious. But they needed to have the theme music from jaws playing in the background.