Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well I guess we just can't have anything nice

This was a constant refrain from my mother when she would take a leap of faith, purchase something nice and then watch it be quickly destroyed by her offspring.

My parents bought a new kitchen table & chairs (upholstered kitchen chairs--another leap of faith on my mother's part) and on the very day they were delivered my brother and i were playing. we were cutting dinosaurs out of paper and talking about how when we grow up we'll open our own business selling the pictures he draws and the poems i write. So we were playing on the new kitchen chairs and thought they were just the right height for us as we were cutting out these dinosaurs. . .with an exacto knife.

Yes, on the day the new chairs were delivered we split one of them straight down the middle with an exacto knife. . . unintentionally.

In truth, we were shocked that the chair was split open. It hadn't even occurred to us.

"Well I guess we just can't have anything nice." My mother tucked her steaming rage into that one tightly packed sentence.

It is the sentence I said to Scully this morning as I climbed back in to bed at 6 am. A police officer had been banging on our door and woke us up. I answered the door and he informed me that my car had been broken in to and asked if I would come see what was missing. Sigh. I want a garage.

Our cars (almost all the cars in the complex) were broken in to two years ago as well. They were grabbing change and taking trinkets and moving trash from one car to another. They broke the window in Scully's truck to get inside where they found $2 in loose change to swipe. The lesson I learned is to not leave anything in my car and to leave it unlocked.

"Well, thanks for making it easy for us!" Say the assholes this morning as they rummage through my car and from all appearances only my unlocked car. They left the glove box open, a copy of my much labored-over grant documents strewn about and swiped the loose change.

Someone apparently needed that $2 more than i do. i get that. i just hate the feeling that someone has been through my stuff. and i really hate the feeling that i guess i just can't have anything nice.


Veronica said...

I know how you feel. Our car was broken into when we lived in our last flat. The smashed the drivers door window and kicked in the panel.

There was ABSOLUTELY nothing in the car to steal, not even any loose change. You would think that they could have looked through the window first. I hated the thought of them being able to read our papers that were in the glovebox though.

$100 for a new window later...

frog ponds rock... said...

Bugger!! Bloody thieves grrr...

I remember my mother had a beautiful crystal vase I loved how it looked and the way it made rainbows of colour on the wall.I accidentally broke it one day.. *sigh* I know just how you and your brother must have felt..

cheers Kim

Veronica said...

There is something on my blog for you :)

Tranquil said...

I am sorry. I know someone who would say "Assholes and Idiots pick one."

Yup I am married to him.

I hope the New Year brings you many blessings and joy.