Thursday, December 20, 2007

drawing down the moon

Watching the moon
above me

waiting for blood
below me

will my body
again master
the secret of
a blood orange?

not just blood

but seeds



i have an appointment at the fertility clinic for a consultation. we are getting ready to go again, inshallah. if anyone has a menstruation calendar widget send it my way, won't you?


Veronica said...

If you get hold of one of those widget thingies, send it my way? Please?

I will be sending fertile thoughts your way and I will be crossing my fingers hard.

We have a Dr appointment tomorrow to be booked for further blood tests.

Precious said...

*Tapping Head With Wand To Sprinkle Baby Dust*

Don't know if this is what you're looking for, but I love this website!

dawn224 said...

Gah. I still haven't posted about what I did that I *think* helped. So here's the bulleted list.

- Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by C. Northrup. Has nice mind body fertility stuff in there.

- that was my guide, once I finally *got* a damn period, I had a stack of cards that told me what to "anticipate" on a given cycle day.

- between days 8 and 12 (ish, I don't remember exactly, but I can find if you want) I would sleep with a full spectrum light ON in my room. I fell asleep with my back to the light but would end up rolling more toward it in my sleep.

I went more or less regular after doing this. Cycles were less than 60 days which was a big deal for me.

The month I didn't do this, I went off for a year.

I did see a naturapath as well, I seem to recall there are a few out your way. Mine was in Wisc. so not a lot of help for you. She did lots of stuff that I think helped my overall health, but it was still a dose of Prometrium that had to kick me in gear. And that dose? My thyroid *ached*. I told that to my doctor and she said, you mean your throat, um. no. I'm a speech path, I mean my thyroid, I do know my anatomy there. She thought it was weird, but did give me credit for understanding my own body.