Monday, December 24, 2007

A quickie update

The girlchild is sick.

She has some sort of sore throat/persistent cough/mucus overdrive and has been put on an antibiotic because her ears are threatening to join the revolt. She is asleep. Scully and I took shifts last night, sleeping in the recliner so she could be semi-upright in our arms. It seemed to help.

Other than that things have been going great here in Texas.

Scully's sister, nephew & father have all arrived safely in Mexico (hamdillah.) I'm adding that whole story to my "must blog" list.

Tita (grandma), Scully, Khubz and I all went to the massive three-floor used bookstore. "Remember our goals" Scully reminded me as we all piled out of the car. "No debt but mortgage debt, right?" (This requires us to have lentils at least one night a week as there is $20,000 in student loan debt between us.)

Someone has put bumpersticker over the parking sign where we have parked. "LESS IS MORE." it pleads.

What did I put in our basket? Two books--both board books for Khubz. Scully did good as well and for the first time in our lives we left that bookstore having spent less than $40.oo. Kick ass.

Alas, I don't have a lot of words in my head right now. here are some reminders of stories to get to:
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cutiepants said...

So sorry she's sickie poo! I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday just the same. Love you.

Veronica said...

POor little pet, I hope she feels better soon.

I adore bookshops. I have to make myself walk past them so I don't spend money.

Rivolta said...

Remember Thanksgiving '06 when I went to Texas with you? And then I vomited all over Scully's parent's bathroom for about 2 days? Wasn't that fascinating? And adorable? Don't you want to hear about it in great detail? I could go on. Just let me know...

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone had a great holiday! We enjoyed Texas, kubz got to play/fight with cousins, take their toys and eat yummy avocados in Tita's lap.