Monday, December 17, 2007

Meanwhile in Kansas

I am back at home and what do I find waiting for me?

My baby girl has grown into a muppet.

Sure, the coat's a bit big on her. But don't the mittens make it look like she's one of those muppets performing puppets?

If you're looking for a more scenic view of the beautiful icestorm we had recently, hop on over to start here at Sabine's Thoughts. Her daughter Amanda took these photos and they're stunning.

As for Scully & Khubz, they had a great weekend. It made my weekend even better and I actually had a surprisingly low-stress, quite-like-it-was-long-ago sisterfest of a weekend. I came home to a totally clean house, however, which means that rather than blogging I should be doing the laundry. So no stories for now but here is another pic I've been meaning to post.

For Dia De Guadalupe we put Khubz in her Mexican finest. Nice, huh?


frog ponds rock... said...

Oh dear I am giggling so much here...the little cutie.
muppet indeed..
cheers Kim xxx

sarcasticmom said...

I love when she flaps her arms - that's the best part.

And gorgeous outfit... I see she's still clinging to a mitten! ;-)

Scully said...

it was so hard not to laugh while i'm filming.

frog ponds rock... said...

I just had to come back for a second look... she is so gorgeous.. I am smiling and smiling and smiling...

ms.cripchick said...

i think the hat adds to the muppetness :)

tranquil said...

I love the mittens flopping...she is just too cute :o)

DaisyDeadhead said...

Just adorable!!!! (((grandma hugs baby)))

And beautiful necklace, too! :)