Thursday, November 15, 2007

What would you do?

So I get this email from a dear beloved person in my life. If I told you who she was, she would only have to kill you also. I'm already risking all in posting this. I feel compelled (I can't help it!) because it is just too fucking funny, so absolutely funny that to not post it would only be inviting the universe to give me such an experience all because something like this simply must exist in the blog of record that operates as my prosthetic memory.
Just for the record, however, this is not from Scully. I think that's pretty obvious from the voice of the email but I think she'd like me to state that just to ensure everyone knows: THIS IS NOT SCULLY.

"Oh my gosh, Jannie, I am so embarrassed I want to die! Call me when you get home because you know when you have those moments when you are so entirely humiliated? Like say, FARTING not once but TWICE when you are talking to the Princess??? Oh my God. I didn’t know what to do! It just came out! LOL. Twice! And she tried not to smile and I kept talking but oh my god, she is typing it outto the others in her clique right now and seriously, all I want to do is say, I quit. No actually, I want to kill her so she doesn’t tell anybody!! Isnt’ that sad??! Like, why didn’t I just say, oh my god, I just farted! Instead I kept talking like it didn’t happen!! And then it happened again!!! Like, where is this coming from??? LOL. I am laughing right now because I don’t know what else to do. Seriously. I was talking to the CM that goes by “Princess.”


Two Shews said...

I find it's usually a good strategy to a) blame it on your shoes or a piece of furniture, or b) redirect the blame. Unless it's undeniable, in which case you could say, "Sorry. Just trying to keep it classy in here."

I don't know. The shoe thing is really my go-to, because you can always make some kind of fart noise with your shoe.

dawn224 said...

OMG - I was totally going to blame this one on Dawn - licky for her she commented and saved herself!

Veronica said...

That is hilarious! Poor woman.

Kermit said...

Never fart in an elevator with only two people in it. Even if it is an SBD (silent but deadly) everybody there knows who did it.