Monday, November 12, 2007

poop central

You asked for it, Rivolta.

If you only click on one of these links: please, please, please let it be the first.

A Braden A Day: It All Went Terribly Wrong

Mama Bear: The Mommy Hat or Too Much Poop Talk?

Crazy Beatties: Where Did The Poop Go Mommy?

Poop or Chocolate? : The Mommy Dilemma

Jess & Chuck: Poop Stories

Tiny Farm Blog: Manure Spreading Action!

Caroline Jou Armitage: Real New Mommy Fashions

Skt Baker: Poop Talk

Moore Dorks: Another Poop Post

Mystic Wicks

Don't be sad. . . Only 15 posts to go before I can use the "Graphic Descriptions of Bodily Fluids Basket" tag. Stay tuned!!


Veronica said...

The first one is classic! I will be back later (read: nap time) to have a look at the others :)

dawn224 said...

Holy crap that's a lot of posts!

Rivolta said...

That was just appalling.

Message to world: I don't care whose butt it comes out of, human excrement is not endearing, charming, interesting, adorable, or any related synonym. The poop of a baby is as disgusting as the poop of an adult. It is not cute! NOT CUTE! Ok?!?!?

Fruitfemme, your evil genius knows no bounds.