Saturday, November 3, 2007

New things today

  • I got Khubz to take a nap without nursing--for the first time ever! (she's napped before without nursing, just not with me.) And then we did it again in the afternoon.
  • Khubz took off her own diaper. Then I dressed her in overalls.
  • Khubz and I went to spanish storytime at the library. There is a whole, huge story about that.
  • Work (which has lately been moderately busy but never completely stressful) seems to have become extraordinarily stressful. And there's nothing to be done right now. Just wait. Grrrrreeat.
  • Khubz likes roasted acorn squash and feta cheese. no shit.
  • Scully has Khubz at the hardware store and so I've got a few minutes but the kitchen is a disaster again. . . We had quinoa & black beans most of which Khubz spilled on her lap and ultimately the floor.
  • There is three weeks worth of laundry here in the basement and one week's worth of clean but unfolded laundry upstairs. Okay, honestly, Khubz loves to pull things out of the basket and so the clean laundry is spread all over the living room.
  • And to be brutally honest, some of that clean laundry made it's way to the kitchen where it mingled with (or should I say "became intimate with") the mashed black beans and quinoa and will now have to go back downstairs to be washed AGAIN.
  • We had a really, really great day together actually.
  • I'm not kidding. One of the best days ever.


dawn224 said...

so so good to hear! we had a grizzly day yesterday but today was so much nicer.

Veronica said...

A nap without nursing! That is awesome! We still haven't progressed to that.

Laundry? Bah, Amy loooves taking the clean stuff and unfolding it, actually she is very methodical about it. I hate laundry.

Anonymous said...

Cheers to a good day!