Tuesday, November 6, 2007

fresh perspective

A change of perspective always helps, doesn't it?

For example, if you've been working on two documents since, oh, say, JANUARY and someone comes in and tells you that they're crap and the reason the documents are crap is because you DON'T CARE ENOUGH ABOUT WOMEN. . . A change of perspective might help, right? Right.

So let's turn to the masters of new perspective--children. In this case, Khubz.

Food, for example.
Food can be understood as vegetables, legumes, protein, fats, fruits (of course) etc.
Khubz would say that food can be understood as

  • makes hair spike upwards (refried beans)
  • makes hair clump and start to smell sour (cottage cheese)
  • makes hair green (guacamole)
  • makes hair shorter (gum) --okay, i made that one up.

Poop, for example, can be categorized a number of ways.

Khubz helped me expand my perspective tonight when

  • she assumed a position like she was making a difficult shot in a croquet game
  • she didn't move a muscle so as not to interrupt her concentration
  • she grunted like she was imitating a wookie
  • I heard the velcro-y tab of her diaper begin to loosen
  • I picked her up and felt the heat radiating from the new deposit in her pants

I would have had none of these considerations on poop, were it not for her.

Although, on second thought, I might have had a better understanding of poop after my call with that above unmentionable person.


Veronica said...

Maybe Khubz was presenting aforementioned person with her persective on things?

Oh and I know that position soooo well.

f.l. said...

You are one of the most dedicated women I know. I think the person who said this may have inhaled too much poop, which has severely altered her thinking.

Veronica said...

I tagged you for a meme. Please don't hit me.

Rivolta said...

At the risk of becoming a heckler-- Between the imagery of food being in places it shouldn't be and the excrement, I seriously feel like taking a shower.

My stomach is churning like you would not believe.

I challenge you to go 15 consecutive posts with out needing the "Graphic Descriptions of Bodily Fluids Basket" tag.

Pretty please?

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

LOL Poop, man, I got stories.

ahh, love the lil'poopers.

Anonymous said...