Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Do you already know about this?

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

Thanks, as always, to Two Shews for keeping me up on the blogosphere.

Today is official "DeLurker" day. I'm awfully glad you're here and I hope you leave a comment in honor of DeLurker Day.

(A Lurker is someone who reads the blog but never comments, leaving the author to feel like nobody ever, ever reads the blog. This only leads to oversharing in an attempt to cajole the silent masses into talking back. And trust me, you don't want to know about _______ )

So make my day! Leave a comment.

You can start by completing the following sentence:
No, trust me, I really, really DO want to know about ______ .

p.s. Don't be fearful--I've already rudely called out one person on the blog. I promise never to do so again. No matter how much that Sally girl threatens me. :)


dawn224 said...

bread foot - are there two of them? are they genetic?

Anonymous said...

THE VOMIT--was there kiwi in it?

J said...

Hello Dawn 224,
Bread foot: So we had this cute picture of Khubz's foot and I also have an edict from Scully that she doesn't want Khubz's face plastered all over the blog. So I put up the pic of her foot. And then "pie de Khubz" in Spanish is "foot of Khubz" and "Khubz" in Arabic translates into "bread." That means you have this puffy, fat baby foot with the tagline "bread foot." :) Yes, there are two of them (feet, that is.)

Anon: No. No there was no kiwi in it. Thank J*. I'm not sure I'd have been able to face the fuzzy citrus fruit again.

Thanks for commenting!
The fruitfemme.

jshew said...

The word lurking has such negative conotations that I need to post so I am not labeled in a negative fashion. I love your banned books blog. Funny how we forget such small things like freedom of speech. The fact that we have raise awareness through a "banned books" week in this country should be appalling to everyone. You know freedom of speech is such a pesky pain when people says things to which you do not agree.

J said...

Well hello jshew! It's true. "Lurker" does sound negative. I suppose the "mofo" in the button didn't help matters either. Alas. I hope the banned book post redeemed me!

Two Shews said...

You know I'm out here, right? Loving yer whole fam damily?

Anonymous said...

"Delurkers come out wherever you are!"

Kelly O said...

Well, I totally don't want to be called out and I can't remember how I stumbled over here, so Hola! Nice place you have here.

Anonymous said...

You can't be called out twice, can you?

J said...

Yea! Thanks, everyone, for commenting!

And no, you can't be called out twice (apologetic blush)