Friday, October 5, 2007

more proof of how "not ridiculous" i am, right?

it was just a hotdog
& she certainly enjoyed it.
& i know it was
just a hotdog
too humble
to have any
agendas or
hidden meanings.
all traces of conspiracy
have surely been
processed out.
she ate it
with relish
(with mustard, actually)
she devoured it
inhaled it
she fully
consumed it.
& i know it is
just a hotdog
but i am really
worrying more about
what will consume her

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i just need to say the child of a worrier, a consumate good Scottish worrier, i plead with you to watch how much the girl picks up on the worry. i am now the adult child of a worrier, the adult child who - WORRIES!

i'm sorry the majority, for child-ladden chaotic reasons or not, completly overlooked (and continued to marginalize) your practices and desires for your family.

it's okay to be irritated...