Sunday, October 7, 2007

On the other hand

Perhaps everything I love & hold dear cannot actually be undone by a hotdog.

I hope the preceeding poem was read with a healthy tone of wry irony rather than oh-woe & drama. I deleted the hotdog posts and decided to put them back in the name of honesty. I didn't say it was always pretty here around the fruit basket, did I?

That's all for now.

who is heading back upstairs to worry about how the majority culture will impact Khubz, how I can safeguard her from the patriarchy, and how I can do it all while still reading the latest stash of early 80s slut books harvested from the library book sale. Wish me luck!


dawn224 said...

I love those slut books.

Anonymous said...

I really am sad that the faithful blog readers were spared the "pig of poison" rant regarding our daughter eating a hot dog at daycare.
Now someone ask fruitfemme how many bags of romance novels she bought at bag night at the library sale?

cutiepants said...

I too love the slut books, and actually tried to write one once.... On the other hand, I've been craving a hot dog ever since that awesome post.

J said...

The slut books are something else, aren't they? And Scully here isn't going to be satisfied until she makes me admit that I called her in a rage in the midst of "the hotdog incident" (as it shall be known evermore) and in this rage just sputtered "PIG OF POISON! THEY FED HER PIG OF POISON!" I know. I know I have problems. I know.

Kermit said...

I think that you're getting to better book sales than I am. ;o)

Kermit said...

And I have to say, too, that it is hard to know what our children will eat, and where, and what they will read, and where, and how they will view the world, and when. I have been thinking about this too, since our only child is in Washington, DC for the weekend, and I worry about her whenever she is out of sight. She is a good child, and she is a smart child, but she is often not a careful child, and Washington, DC can be a scary place, and not just because of Dubya.

But all that you can do is expose them to the things that you think they should be exposed to, and tell them that they are good. Of course, sometimes you need to expose them to things that you do not think are good, and tell them that they are bad, but those things should probably be few and far between. After all, the Great Hotdog Incident of 2007 occurred in the same month as the post about banned books, so we need to look at both of them as being about ideas.

Other people will expose them to other things, and they will likely remember the things that you said were good before they think about the things that you said were bad. It turns out to be a strategy of pitting the good against the bad and stacking the deck so that the good is likely to win.

In the end, though, even after all of the guidance and love you can give them, the children will turn out just a little bit different (at least) than you thought they should or would. And that is only fair, since they are them and not you, even though they will carry you with them always. It is more important that you teach them to think clearly and wisely, and not in the contorted way the world thinks sometimes, so that they can see the world for what it is, and make the best decisions about that.

And now I have written a complete post on your blog that I could have written on one of my blogs. ;o) That okay, though, because I had these thoughts right now after reading about the Great Hotdog Incident of 2007 and they would not have been the same if I had waited.

J said...

Hello there Kermit. . . I was casually reading your comments until I hit the part about how a posting on the "hotdog incident" occured only moments away from a posting on banned books. WHUMP!

Good point. Nicely made.
the fruitfemme

Kermit said...

< smile > The universe is truly random and we don't always put all the parts that we get together exactly right. At least I don't. ;o) You seem to do an excellent job of making good connections among the myriad things that come your way. We have a mutual friend, by the way, who directed me to your site. I'm glad she did!